Customer Acquisition Services

Acquire More Qualified Customers for Less Cost

Acquire More Qualified Customers
At A Lower Cost

With Northpeak’s customer acquisition and retention services, you can attract more ready-to-buy users at a lower cost, build a loyal customer base, and settle your product on a continuous growth trajectory.

If You Build It, Will
they Come?

We now live in an economy where growth no longer comes after a product is made; growth is built into the product itself. Digital disruption is creating significant opportunities, but disruptive products get copied and it comes down to the strategies and execution needed to acquire and retain users.

Unleash Product
Driven Growth

User experience is an integral part of product development. Customer choice is influencing how we involve technology. Before you can disrupt, you need to reimagine.
Northpeak works with you to answer questions like these on the left so customer acquisition and retention becomes more sustainable and less work intensive.

Build a Thriving Business
with Northpeak

Northpeak sets you up for growth by bringing together data-driven precision and design inspiration in a coordinated way. With our B2B customer acquisition and lead generation services, you’ll have a continuous flow of interested prospects running through your sales funnel, so you can convert some of them into buyers, turn a good percentage of buyers into loyal customers, and repeat.

Northpeak focuses 100% on results and attacks the easiest and quickest path to sales. By building high conversion campaigns through an agile and data-driven method, you can increase your conversion rate, reduce churn, and hit your ROI goals every time.

These are highly qualified prospects in “hunt mode” that we drive to your app or website from paid and organic traffic sources by using our expertise in data, technology, and human behavior.
We increase the amount of visitors that turn into buyers by implementing data-driven tactics that will help you double or even triple sales.
Lost leads are lost money. Northpeak tracks visitors that don’t buy from you and retargets them with timely messages and compelling ads that follow them around the Internet.
We help you set up an intelligent system that automatically nurtures your leads for you, making your website run like a well oiled sales machine.

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Our Approach

How do you get your customers from “just looking” to “I want to buy now”? Moving customers through the online sales funnel requires a seamless user experience.Our customer acquisition agency optimizes all customer touchpoints and streamlines the customer journey, making it easy for prospects to buy your product.


Customer Intel Strategy

If you’re really trying to move the needle in a significant way, you can’t offer customers something they “might need some day”. That’s why we start by getting to know your customer intimately through qualitative and quantitative research. We identify their #1 problem and craft a solution they need.

Key Activities


The Northpeak Market Formula

Once we understand what makes a customer tick, we work on creating a successful customer acquisition strategy that provides a continuous flow of prospects. We start by strategically proving out a cost per acquisition (CPA) and ROI with one channel and then diversifying to multiple channels. This allows you to build a highly defensible system that appeals to a larger part of the market and one that competitors aren’t paying attention to.

Key Activities


Create Massive Value

At any time, only 3% of customers are ready to purchase immediately. So how do you get the 97% to buy your product? Using reports, videos, and cheat sheets, we help build trust with your consumers by creating REAL value.

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Make Explosive Sales

If you want to double sales, you will need the right offer and a powerful cross-channel marketing strategy. We fine tune your website, landing pages, sales funnel, and multichannel presence to minimize risk and maximize revenue.

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Conversion Optimization

Doubling or tripling sales is not a magic trick, just science. We use our proven system that scientifically tests key success indicators based on data points across successful companies. Our combination of lead generation strategy and approach is based on principles that have always held their ground.

Key Activities

Key Activities

Key Activities

Stop Struggling,
Start Growing

If you’re running into any of these issues, contact us now to see if Northpeak is the right customer acquisition and lead generation partner for you.