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Pre-Order Now

Conversion Rate Optimization | B2B, B2B SaaS

Pre-Order Now is a Shopify application that enables merchants to boost sales with pre-orders for out of stock products and test new products for Crowdfunding campaigns and Coming Soon launches.

RPY Innovations

Customer Acquisition & Retention, UX/UI Design, Web Development, B2B

RPY, a payment and financial services firm, wanted to go digital in an industry traditionally driven by personal contacts and referrals.


UX/UI Design, Software Development, Customer Acquisition & Retention | B2B, B2B SaaS

When the Smarty team came to Northpeak, they had a concept and a prototype; but they weren’t sure if the product could live up to its promise in a fiercely competitive market.

Hair To Chair

User Research, UX/UI Design | B2B, B2B SaaS

Hair To Chair began as an app for independent hairstylists to take their business from paper to online. Hair To Chair teamed up with to enable product-market fit and guide the design of the app.

Joy Organics

CRO, Web Analytics & Reporting | eCommerce, B2C SaaS, B2B

Joy Organics is a game changer. Not only do they carry the highest quality of CBD oil, it’s a business run entirely by family, with the utmost dedication to customer care.


Customer Acquisition & Retention | eCommerce, B2C

Unconventional growth strategies launched LOXI, a startup in the multi-billion dollar women’s beauty industry, into 100% month over month growth for 4 months.


CRO, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Web Design & Development | B2B, B2b SaaS

iReportSource is a leading provider of safety management software. Their software makes it easy for companies to manage their ongoing health and safety training, protect against …

Company in the Custom Security Products Industry

Customer Acquisition & Retention, CRO, Web Design & Development | B2B, B2C

The company is a leading American company that carries out customized
bulletproofing and high-security hardening of residential and commercial structures.

Samsung & Samsung Next | Whisk

CRO, Lifecycle Marketing, Product Analytics | B2C, B2C SaaS, B2B

Samsung Next is a division of Samsung that provides tech innovators with the capital, resources, expertise, and connections they need to build, grow, and scale their products.

Increasing Conversions for a $250M eCommerce Brand

Conversion Rate Optimization | eCommerce, b2c

The brand (name withheld because of NDA) had seen rapid growth since its launch. They were running successful email marketing and Google Ads campaigns to drive a reasonable number of qualified…

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