CRO Audit

Uncover Valuable Growth Opportunities

A research and data-backed CRO audit of your customer funnels to help you improve the entire customer experience and increase your revenue.

Identify Key Metrics

Too many times we find that teams don’t have confidence they’ve been making decisions based on accurate metrics.

With Northpeak’s reliable, accurate, and actionable CRO audit services, you can put an end to the guessing game and make solid progress.

Understand Customer Behavior

01. Track User Behavior

Our CRO audit is the biggest driver of  our conversion optimization success.

From the time a user clicks on an ad, enters your website and reaches your desired goal, your traffic is giving you opportunities to track, model and predict their behavior.
02. Extract Actionable Insights

We deliver accurate CRO audits that help you translate customer behavior into actionable business insights.

Our CRO audit will help you determine how and why users are behaving the way they are, so you can create a strategy to guide them towards your goals.

03. Make Data-Driven Decisions

The data gathered from our CRO audit will determine whether certain pages or campaigns are working
or not working.

By implementing proper web analytics and reporting tools, your team will understand business metrics and make data-driven strategic decisions that lead to success.

Answer Critical
CRO Questions

How do you know which offers to push, which campaigns to stop, which ads to display, and which customer segments to target? Northpeak CRO audit services help provide the answers to these and more marketing questions that need answering.

Run Reliable Tests

If you’re not measuring accurately, how can you run reliable tests? If you’re not testing correctly, how can you improve your products and services?

Northpeak relies on CRO analytics data, digital marketing experience, and deep understanding of user behavior to make sure you test and optimize the right elements. Improve your marketing performance and reduce wastage.

Our Capabilities

Optimize Spend and Efficiency

What happens if you invest in the wrong strategy, campaign, or product? Wrong decisions waste time, money, and opportunity; and decisions can be wrong when they are based on wrong data or fallacious interpretation.

By working with our CRO agency, you can have the peace of mind that your decisions are based
on hard facts that correctly reflect the user behavior.

Our Approach

We help you track every interaction between your customer and their desired goal. This allows us to see where your money is going and the return your efforts are generating.
If you’re not tracking key events or metrics, you’re taking shots in the dark. Analytics is how we determine which changes really impact your bottom line.
We’re obsessed with creating amazing customer experiences but at the end of the day we let the numbers decide which strategies are producing a profit.
We help you track every interaction between your customer and their desired goal. This allows us to see where your money is going and the return your efforts are generating.


CRO Audit

If you already have web analytics in place, we’ll start by reviewing what’s been implemented and what data
you’ve been collecting so far. We clean up messy tracking, fix inaccuracies, and double-check to make
sure everything is working properly.

Key Activities



We help you figure out the key metrics that your business should be tracking. We make sure all essential actions and events are being tracked, including buttons, forms, phone numbers, checkouts and anything else a user might interact with.
Putting event tracking in place allows us to define how different elements contribute to the conversion process and set up site interaction goals that drive ROI.

Key Activities


Identify Actionable Insights

Getting accurate data is just the start. Analyzing the data and gleaning actionable insights is the real game. At Northpeak, we identify gaps and opportunities where most other companies can’t.
We enable you to turn your data into actionable insights that you can then go act on. Sometimes the answer is to run more tests, sometimes the answer is we shouldn’t do that, and more often than not, you’ll find out what’s working and double down on that!

Key Activities


Reporting and Recommendations

We understand that there can be a lot of data to digest and sometimes you just want to know what’s important. To make things easier, we provide our clients with dashboards that easily allow them to visualize trends and see the effectiveness of campaigns.
We help you figure out what’s working and what needs improvement. With our web analytics services, you can create a data-driven culture in your company and internalize long-term efficiencies that start to multiply your marketing ROI.

Key Activities

How Our CRO Audit Services Helped Joy Organics Earn 33%
More Profit

Joy Organics was already a profitable family-run business when they came to us looking for a partner who understood data. They wanted help interpreting their numbers and translating them into actions.

Northpeak CRO audit services provided Joy Organics with a continuous, obsessive process of measuring the customer experience, testing features and products, and optimizing the site. Using strategies based on qualitative
and quantitative research, the company increased profits by 33%.

Focus on What Really Matters

Contact Northpeak if you want help focusing on the highest-leverage opportunities; and to continue separating yourself as a brand that is highly-regarded by customers and envied by competitors.