Conversion Research

Understand Your Ideal Customer Profile

Northpeak provides accurate and actionable conversion research so you can increase conversion rates and build a growing customer base.

Identify Your Customer

Products are valuable when the business understands their customers and optimize the user experience at every stage of their journey.

We follow an in-depth process and analyze data to help you find out more about your ICP to help drive growth and conversions.

Answer Critical Conversion Research Questions

With Northpeak’s proven conversion research methodology, you can get in the minds of your customers and find answers to critical business questions.

Optimize the
User Experience

Design Wonderful User Experiences

Building successful products is about designing smooth and delightful user experiences. Our conversion research enables you to enhance experience at every stage of buyer journey by optimizing all customer touch points.

Conversion Research That Works

Northpeak conversion research sprints enable product-market fit by revealing more in less time and cost about your target audience’s pain points, needs, motivations, fears, and how they relate to or use your product. The typical duration of each sprint depends on a number of factors such as the industry, product, and number of participants required.

On average, one conversion research sprint takes 2 weeks. A conversion research sprint can be repeated and/or inserted into any stage of iterative agile development where you need to learn more about user experience before proceeding. A sprint can consist of a hybrid of the following research tools on the left.

The Northpeak

The Process

The process we follow is the same tested and proven process made popular by Silicon Valley startups and venture arms like Google Ventures.

The Expertise

Our user research process was developed in partnership with Dr Leo Hoar, a former Ohio State professor and UX research expert who has worked with companies like Samsung and Beam Dental.

The Activities

We have refined and optimized our process for growing startups as well as established companies.

1. Planning:

Form hypotheses, research questions and desired objectives. Select the method.

2. Dry Running:

Dry run the concept with mock respondents. Essential for usability and reliability.

3. Preparation:

Find the right people to test with. Recruit participants and schedule interviews.

4. Data Collection:

Gather data through interviews or other methods that we selected.

5. Analysis:

Answer the research questions, prove or disprove hypotheses, and present write up.

Types of Conversion
Research We

Types of User Research We Conduct

How Hairstylist App Regained Market Traction and Growth

The start looked impressive for Hair to Chair, an app for independent hair stylists. While it quickly gained users after launching, the team knew a pivot would be necessary after noticing that most users stopped engaging with the app within a few weeks.

Because We Know
What to Look For

Because We Know What to Look For

A key part of product-market fit comes from finding the right problem to solve. It’s an iterative process. But once you find something that people care about, you can design a product and experience that can help a lot of people. Being operators, consumers, and investors, we are on all sides of user research and know the right questions to ask.

Need Help Understanding Your Customer?

The journey to a mind blowing product launch starts from your customer. Get inside your customer’s mind to get on top of your market. Start today!