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Case study
Case study
iReportSource sells web-based safety management applications, but almost all of their sales came from offline channels such as sales calls and in-person visits. Once the pandemic hit, the company knew they had to become a digital-first company and take advantage of the burgeoning SaaS market. When they reached out to Northpeak, our experts found there were quite a few things that needed to be fixed.
The Client
iReportSource is a leading provider of safety management software. Their software makes it easy for companies to manage their ongoing health and safety training, protect against unforeseen losses, and stay on top of OSHA regulations.
iReportSource’s web-based software is available for a monthly subscription, just the perfect pricing model for kick starting online sales. However, the company’s growth had come almost exclusively through traditional/in-person sales strategies when they contacted us. With every company migrating to Cloud based SaaS, the opportunity was ripe for the taking.
iReportSource knew they had to invest in their online marketing strategy to fight competitors and cash in on a rapidly growing market. They wanted us to work on creating a parallel channel of growth following a product-led SaaS strategy.
The initial challenges we faced:

1. Redesign and optimize website experience
2. Fix tracking and technical issues that were hampering overall web performance
3. Create a comprehensive growth strategy using a combination of organic and paid strategies
4. Start generating qualified demo requests through the new website

The Northpeak team began by auditing the current state and creating a growth plan that delivered the goals mentioned above.
1) Tracking and Technical Issues: The website had a number of issues with incorrect tracking and over 159 critical website issues that needed to be addressed.
2) Conversion Optimized Website: From our experience, we quickly were able to tell the website was not going to convert. The design was outdated and it wasn’t helping to build trust, in fact, it was likely hurting it. The website needed to be completely redesigned and developed from the beginning. However, we would have to use the current images of the product, which limited our ability in terms of the UI lift we were able to give. Yet, we knew it was going to be worth it.

The process involved:

1. Brand Discovery
2. Site Architecture
3. Wireframes: Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet
4. Concepts and Themes
5. Develop Content Strategy
6. Low-fidelity Designs (with multiple rounds of feedback and iterations)
7. Positioning and Language-Market Fit
8. High-fidelity designs (with multiple rounds of feedback and iterations)
9. Final Interactive Prototype (with animations)
10. Development
11. QA and Launch

3) SEO: We started by conducting in-depth keyword research and focusing on on-page SEO. We knew from our research and experience that SEO & Content Marketing would serve as a key channel for generating sustainable, consistent leads and long-term growth. The current website was ranking for some targeted and competitive keywords. However, it was not ranking for critical keywords like “safety management software”, which is literally what the product is.
4) Google Ads: We discovered opportunities to improve targeting and implement Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). We also found opportunities to create remarketing lists and use our PPC learnings to improve our SEO strategy and implement a continuous feedback loop.
Our research showed that Google search could be a good source of qualified leads for paid ads. We needed to target relevant keywords, including branded and non-branded search terms. We started by analyzing keyword click-through rates and engagement metrics to see which keywords and pages would perform best.

The Results

After 6 months from website resdesign to implementation of a growth strategy, Northpeak succeeded in creating a intuitive website experience and positioning iReportSource to take advantage of online growth using a SaaS business model.

Optimized the new website for Engagement and Conversions.


Demo Request Conversion Rate vs 0% with the old website


Increase in Users


Achieved improvement in Organic Clicks and Impressions


Increase in Average Session Duration


Improvement in Bounce Rate
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