Joy Organics

CRO and Data Analytics

Case study
Case study
Joy Organics is a game changer. Not only do they carry the highest quality of CBD oil, it’s a business is run entirely by family, with the utmost dedication to customer care.
They were already a profitable business when they came to Northpeak in 2019, looking for a partner who understood data and how to translate it into actionable insights.
Northpeak provided Joy Organics with a continuous, obsessive process of measuring the customer experience, testing features and products, and optimizing the site. Using both qualitative and quantitative research led to thoughtful, targeted strategizing that increased the company’s profits by 33%.
Increase in company profits

Joy Organics provides the highest quality CBD oil products, and they’re changing the industry with radical transparency. When they came to Northpeak in April 2019, they were profitable and growing, but didn’t have any tracking or analytics in place. This meant they couldn’t measure customer experience or interaction online.

Joy Organics needed to begin accurately tracking their digital marketing efforts in order to evaluate campaign successes and misfires.
The Challenge
Joy Smith, CEO of Joy Organics, needed a partner that not only understood data but someone with both marketing and business experience, as well as the ability to transfer data into actionable insights.
In a world where data is king, it’s not enough to track every interaction of the customer journey from awareness to purchase. Joy Organics needed a continuous process of measuring, testing, and optimizing. This is vital. You can expect a 3x to 5x ROI from your marketing budget with a plan like this.
The Solution
As a former data scientist at JPMorgan Chase, Northpeak CEO and Founder, Navi, understood that analytics tracking could confidently tell which changes impacted the bottom line. So, we set up analytics to track all goals, events, and interactions.
Understanding the ‘What and How’ Before the ‘Why’
Initially, our goal was simply to understand the customer experience on the website: what pages were loading slowly, what blogs were getting the most views, and what products had the highest converting rates.

The company was growing rapidly and there were a lot of moving pieces, so it was important to get accurate tracking in place so that we could focus on increasing metrics like conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and average order value.

So, we put together a strategy. First, we made easy fixes: we increased browser and device speed, and once we did that, the customer experience and company revenue improved immediately. Next, this initial focus on optimization moved into configuring funnels, goals in Google Analytics and cleaning up messy data reporting.
By the time we were done with this process, this phase alone increased the company’s revenue by a third, offering Joy Organics a huge ROI in terms of what they spent on marketing.
Always Be Researching
Using both qualitative research (customer interviews, free-text survey responses, etc.) and quantitative research (heat maps, funnel analysis, click maps, etc.), we started to answer questions like:
We noticed things that could’ve been confusing to customers, thus poorly influencing the customer journey. For example, we realized that users were clicking on text for customer reviews, but the links weren’t clickable. The first course of action was to get more reviews.
After that, we changed the flow so that when a user clicked on the text ‘customer reviews’, it would automatically scroll below to the reviews section.
Test, test, test
Using software, we realized that not as many folks were clicking on the main call-to-action on our home page. The copy for our primary CTA button was ‘Learn More’. We decided to test different CTAs and see how it impacted click rates and add-to-cart rates. One of the tests included changing the CTA to ‘Shop Now’.
Increase in click-through-rate
By having the right tracking and analytics in place, Northpeak was able to accurately measure how customers were engaging with us. This allowed us to conduct further tests and see how we could increase customer lifetime value and revenue. We conducted a lot of tests, and many yielded positive results. With those that didn’t, we simply stopped running them.
For example, express checkout and feature products didn’t statistically improve results, so we cut them from the plan, saving Joy Organics valuable time, money, and energy. However, we learned that our sample pack offer was a great strategy for acquiring new customers. Using retargeting and post-purchase emails, Joy Organics increased customer lifetime value 3x the cost of acquisition.


After 7 months of working together


Revenue Increased


Customer Lifetime value Increased
By carefully and strategically tracking how visitors interact with Joy Organics’ website, we learned a lot about why certain site elements succeed or fail. We were also able to measure and run targeted tests that dramatically improved the client’s bottom line.