6 Effective Techniques in 2022 For Your SaaS Customer Acquisition Strategy

There has never been a better time to run a SaaS company than in 2022. The SaaS industry has increased in size by around 500% over the past seven years and it keeps evolving and maturing. Not too long ago, SaaS products were considered a luxury, but now they’re used by individuals and businesses all […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Audit: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

CRO Audit

Not too long ago, online marketers used to focus only on increasing website traffic. However, that changed when they realized that the number of people who come to your website is not as important as how many of them perform the desired action. In other words, today it’s all about how many website visitors convert. […]

12 B2C SaaS Marketing Tips to Make Sure Your Subscribers Stick Around

Marketing a SaaS product can be challenging due to a lot of unexpected hurdles. High bounce rates, leaving subscribers, and poor conversion rates can become overwhelming. You want value for your money when you invest in any growth marketing strategy. Specific marketing tailored to your business is a good start. B2C SaaS marketing is a […]

Marketing Strategy B2B SaaS

You’ve got the mobile app beta-tested and ready to go. You’ve got the eye-catching color scheme, the seamless background operations, and the kind of intuitive interface that prompts designers and users to say things like, “Man, this platform is slicker than ice on a winter road!”. Now you’ve got to manage what’s arguably your biggest challenge yet: […]

How to Conduct UX Research for Actionable Customer Insights

UX and UI — two terms that are used interchangeably but their meanings are worlds apart. The debate between these terms is going on for almost as long as these terms have been in existence.    Have you ever looked at a building and lauded  it for its magnificence and design? What makes a building […]

How To Get A Flood Of Customers Running To You Online

Why are we releasing this? Who is this for? Why is this important? The days of paying thousands and thousands of dollars in blind TV advertising are over. The new way to advertise is through digital marketing. Today’s businesses can spend as little as $10 a day and reach hundreds or even thousands more customers […]

Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research To Understand Your Customer

Northpeak conducted qualitative + quantitative research based on customer data. Here’s the process: Overview Abrie James is a provider of the TruleSimple planners and stylish accessories for women. Purpose Abrie James needed to create a durable brand identity and understand their product market fit. They engaged with Northpeak to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to […]