How to Conduct UX Research for Actionable Customer Insights

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UX and UI — two terms that are used interchangeably but their meanings are worlds apart. The debate between these terms is going on for almost as long as these terms have been in existence. 


Have you ever looked at a building and lauded  it for its magnificence and design? What makes a building practical yet elegant? It’s generally assumed that the architect will have the answer to those questions, but we forget that it wasn’t just the architect who created such a functional, elegant building. The architect worked with a civil engineer to ensure the building’s structural and aesthetic integrity. While there were other people who also worked on the building, we can identify the architect and the civil engineer as the two leads on the project.


Similarly, UX and UI designers can be identified as two lead positions that often collaborate to ensure a project’s integrity throughout the design process. And while UX and UI designers work together to create a final end product, there are several key differences between the two.


If you are keen to learn about the differences between UI and UX you are at the right place.  The graphic below will help you to understand the roles and responsibilities of each team member in a better way.


How to Conduct UX Research for Actionable Customer Insights



To be a good designer, it’s important to understand the differences between UX and UI design, as well as how they interact and rely on each other. Knowing this difference between UI and UX is very important as it will go a long way toward preparing your strategy.