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Case study

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Case study
For two straight weeks, the company (name withheld because of NDA) had received no business leads from their website. Their search rankings had been nosediving and their organic traffic dwindling.
At a time when other online businesses were basking in double-digit growth, their declining online performance was a cause of concern for management. That’s when the experts from Northpeak stepped in.
The Client
The company is a leading American company that carries out customized bulletproofing and high-security hardening of residential and commercial structures. Most of their products are personalized and have a higher price point.

The majority of their sales have traditionally come from off-line channels, where customers make the first contact with the company via email or phone. They also have an eCommerce channel, which was generating a fairly small amount of online revenue when they came to Northpeak.

The overall ecommerce sales had grown more than 45% during the last two years, but the company online business had been stagnating. They wanted to grow the number of leads—clients requesting a quote or more information through the website—and figure out how to grow their online eCommerce sales.
At first the company reached out to Northpeak to set up tracking for the website, marketing channels, and important events and goals. They had an established business that still growing, but they knew they were leaving opportunities on the table by not optimizing their online channels for the customer journey. And then, there was the major SEO challenge of stopping the decline in search rankings, which at that time was their only customer acquisition channel. The company had tested Google Ads but didn’t find much success.

1. Increase eCommerce Sales by 25% compared to previous quarter
2. Increase the number of qualified leads. Because we were dealing with custom high security doors and windows, we set a goal of 5-7 qualified leads / month.
3. Stopping the continuing decrease of organic performance and search rankings


The Northpeak team began by taking a look under the hood to understand what was happening. We identified the following key areas that needed to be addressed:

1) Tracking: Created and implemented a complete tracking plan for both their B2B and eCommerce sides of the business. We also created Analytics Dashboards in Data Studio the company could access any time.

2) Conversion Rate Optimization: Using our experience, we quickly saw an opportunity to implement missing best practices and get some quick wins for the company. We also paired our heuristic analysis with quantitative funnel analysis and qualitative analysis to really understand customer intent and the customer journey. This analysis resulted in us discovering a number of high impact opportunities on key product pages and blog pages.

One of the low hanging opportunities we found was on the Contact page itself. We realized the page was not optimized for form completions as users had to scroll down to see the actual form. Further, the page didn’t have any copy that told you what to reach out for, what to expect, or to whom the form would go to.

3) SEO: The company had been experiencing a decrease in rankings for the past 6 months and was worried about the impact it would have on revenue growth, especially since organic search was one of the company’s main channels of customer acquisition. We created a bulk list of highly competitive non-branded keywords the company wasn’t ranking for in the top 3 that we knew we could rank for with the right strategy.
4) Google Ads: We discovered opportunities to improve targeting and implement Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs). We also found opportunities to create remarketing lists and use our PPC learnings to improve our SEO strategy and implement a continuous feedback loop.


The first month was focused on conducting research, putting together a game plan, and setting up required tracking and reporting.

Here is what ensued during the following 3 months:

1. Increased eCommerce sales by 255%
All other KPIs Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions, and Average Order Value increased.

2. Generated 48 qualified leads and increased incoming calls by 50%
Improved Quality Score, increasing click-through rate (CTR), reduced ad spend
per lead.

3. Ranked 8 highly important commercial keywords in Top 3


Organic performance recovered, kicking up a 200% increase in impressions and 100% increase in clicks from the bottom in June.


Increase in Organic


Increase in Organic

Northpeak continues to manage growth marketing and conversion optimization for the company with a ongoing goal to leverage and scale the foundation it has now built.

If you’re looking to set up reliable tracking, improve conversions using a data-driven approach, and stop wasting marketing dollars – schedule a call with our Head of Growth Marketing and Conversion Optimization to see if we can help you.