A Complete Guide to A/B Testing

76% of Google and Facebook budgets are wasted. A/B testing can help you reduce that waste. No amount of research and statistics can point you to the creation of the most effective campaign right from its inception. Not to mention it takes time for any algorithm to “warm up”. Optimizing your marketing and sales funnel […]

Machine Learning Intro: A Simple Model For A Growing Ecommerce Startup

This is an introductory article for people who are curious about machine learning. Artificial Intelligence may shape our future more than anything else this century.When we think of the Hollywood version of artificial intelligence — a super intelligent machine (that is much smarter than the best human minds in every subject) which can make jokes, […]

Your 7 Step Guide To Building A Data-Driven Culture (And Another Competitive Advantage)

“Without data, you’re simply another person with an opinion.” — W. Edwards Deming The data science and analytic ecosystems are changing rapidly. The options you have at your disposal have changed significantly in the past 24–36 months. If you don’t adopt a proper process, you expose yourself to increased risk of misunderstood metrics or plain […]