Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Your Business Needs

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Your Business Needs

Driving high traffic is not the only thing you need to do to take your business to the next level. You need to convert more leads and increase sales to manifest growth in your industry.

Conversion rate optimization tools can help your business generate more leads. They can be the key to persuading your users to take more actions that lead to sales. Learn which you should use here.


CRO Tools to Track Conversion Issues on Your Website

It’s one thing to get customers flooding to your website and another thing to turn them into repeat buyers. If users experience issues on your website, your lead generation efforts may be in vain.

It’s like entering a restaurant and being greeted by unenthusiastic hosts and a dirty environment set-up. You might even leave without ordering─ and this is what happens to your website visitors. You’ll have low engagement rates and poor sales if visitors don’t enjoy using your website.

Your CRO strategy should begin by looking at what your website lacks. You have to understand what’s going wrong to know where to make improvements. In short, get the best CRO tracking tools at the beginning of the CRO process.

CRO tracking tools gather data to give insights about your websites and visitors. You can learn about the exact issues pulling your conversions down with the data. You get to understand metrics like bounce rates, user sessions, and the length of sessions.


What Are the Most Popular Conversion Tracking Tools?

If you want to start taking advantage of these great benefits then you’ll need to use the best tools. Keep reading for the top conversion rate optimization tools.

Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular CRO tools today. 56.7% of the websites use Google analytics and at, it’s top of the list of our best tracking tools.

One of the best parts about Google Analytics is that it’s free. It’s used for analyzing traffic, bounce rates, sessions duration, and pages per session. It helps you to know your current performance and revamp your marketing strategy.

You can establish user pain points and use data to inform your improvements.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an analytics tool used to track marketing on different channels. It helps break down marketing results from web, email, social media, and paid advertising channels.

You can receive performance feedback on traffic, engagement, and conversions as a marketer. In short, it gives you an overview of the user experience across your sales funnel. Your team enjoys actionable data insights that they can leverage to improve sales.


Mixpanel is different from other analytics tools because it focuses on product interactions. It’s a behavior measuring tool intended to help users understand how people use products.

You would want to get Mixpanel to boost user experience, test new products, and increase sales. With the reports showing you features people like, you can quickly figure out the right improvements.


CRO Tools to Measure User Behavior

Seth Godin once said, “Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers”. If you want to create a top product, it’s crucial to understand what your customers want.

We need CRO tools to measure users’ behavior if we ever get to the root of their problem. By understanding their behavior, you can produce a product that solves their problem.

You need to know how your visitors interact with your site for conversion rate optimization. For example, how much time they spend on your website and what they click the most.

You’ll need to invest in behavioral analytics tools to know why your users behave the way they do on your site. Behavioral analytic tools can help you understand why issues like cart abandonment rates.


What Are the Best CRO Tools for Measuring User Behavior?

Now that you know the most popular tools, you’ll want to know which are the best tools for specific features. Read on for the best CRO tools for measuring user behavior.

Hot Jar

Hot Jar is an insights tool that gives you your user’s behavioral data. It shows how users interact with your website through heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys.

Above 900,000 websites use Hot Jar to track user experience and customers’ behavior. Visual feedback like Heatmaps and session recordings makes it easy to establish users’ challenges.

You can quickly see where users are getting stuck on your website and what content or products they like. To gain in-depth insights about UX, all it takes is to peep into your tool. Visual analytics can be handy for busy marketers who may not have enough time to read data.


CrazyEgg, like Hot Jar, is a user experience and behavioral analytics tool. It also comes with some easy-to-understand visual reports that help you understand how users interact with your website.

Both CrazyEgg and Hot Jar provide you with visual reports to learn how users use your content. Whichever tool you use, you can know how your customers are faring at a glance.


If you want a CRO tool to track user experience issues on different channels, Fullstory is a great choice. FullStory captures everything about a user’s journey regardless of their channel.

FullStory is the best for visual reports such as heat maps that help you diagnose bugs and UX design issues. You can also test and experiment with optimization strategies to boost conversions.

In the end, you access data showing the impact of applied improvements. This is a must-have funnel analysis tool in your arsenal of CRO tools.


CRO Tools and Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Building personalized experiences is one single strategy that can increase conversion rates. 69% of customers want a customized experience. 41% will go elsewhere if you haven’t personalized your dealings.

It’s a no-brainer─ you need CRO tools that can help tailor your marketing campaigns. Here are the most popular CRO personalization tools.


Amplitude is one of the best CRO tools when it comes to personalization. Amplitude leverages user insights to recommend optimal solutions for user experience improvements. You can segment and customize campaigns to reach users based on their behaviors.


This is a customer analytics tool tracking a user’s journey that arms you with their entire data. It comes with a personalization feature that allows for highly effective targeting messages. Marketers can dispense tailored messages founded on users’ data to increase conversion rates.


Heap is easy to use and offers powerful conversion rate optimization features. An installed code on your website tracks every single user interaction.

You can capture data, visualize events, check user interactions and analyze your sales funnel. It’s easy to get an in-depth understanding of a customer and customize campaigns.

Thanks to its filtering options, you can segment users based on their interests. Heap customization options allow you to group or segment audiences and improve targeting.


Intellimize is backed by machine learning to help marketers produce personalized pages based on data. Their main focus is to help create high conversions by finding the most optimized page variation.


CRO Testing Tools to Test Changes

You need to launch high-potential marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates. Optimizing your sales funnel is one practice that can make a world of difference in your marketing campaigns.

Despite access to loads of data, you may still be in the dark about the potential of your campaigns. To remove the guesswork in your campaigns, you need CRO testing tools.

CRO or A/B testing is a practice that helps establish the changes that might charm your users beforehand. If you’re not testing before launching, you’re likely to lose your money. 60% of companies believe that A/B testing is valuable in conversion rate optimization.


What Are the Best CRO Testing Tools?

Testing is an important feature to take into account when it comes to CRO tools. Keep reading for the best CRO testing tools.

Google Optimize 

Google optimize is a free CRO testing tool that integrates with Google analytics. It’s best for A/B testing variations of your web pages. You can measure different versions of a web page to choose the likely one to perform well.


This SaaS platform is designed for personalized marketing to boost user experience. Its key feature is that it allows you to tailor your interface to your audience’s preferences.

Over 9,000 businesses─ including eBay and Dolby─ use Optimizely for conversion rate optimization. Optimizely is famous for its feature that tracks customer behavior throughout the sales funnel. Other features of Optimizely include:

  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Audience segments
  • Behavioral audience targeting

Optimizely is also a CRO testing tool. It helps you meet your conversion goals by informing your strategies with campaign comparisons. It’s more of a sales funnel analysis tool that you need to use in all the stages of CRO.


VWO is another great testing tool. You can test the impact of your experimenting by using features that allow you to import metrics. One of the most engaging features is the visual editor that allows you to conduct website A/B testing.


CRO Tools to Analyze Performance of Changes

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process or strategy. It takes you around through a set of strategies and back to the beginning.

In the end, you have to analyze the performance of made changes and check conversion issues. You’ll use conversion tracking tools such as Google Analytics to track progress.


Use the Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Conversion rate optimization tools are some of the essential marketing tools. The best CRO tools can help you improve user experience and conversion rates.

CRO tools can help you create effective marketing strategies that strike home and influence growth in your business. Many of our clients who invest in CRO tools see a marked increase in conversions and repeat business. If you’re looking to optimize conversion rates, get a free proposal today.