A Complete Guide to A/B Testing

76% of Google and Facebook budgets are wasted. A/B testing can help you reduce that waste. No amount of research and statistics can point you to the creation of the most effective campaign right from its inception. Not to mention it takes time for any algorithm to “warm up”. Optimizing your marketing and sales funnel […]

7 Tools To Get Your Product In Front Of The Right Customers

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win” — Vince Lombardi This guide is for anyone who: – is looking to launch a new product or service, – has a startup that has proven organic growth and is looking to further optimize user acquisition, – has an established small business (maybe you’ve tested paid channels such […]

The Mindset Of A Growth Practitioner — A New Growth Formula

A growth practitioner is someone that practices the strategy of making small experimental improvements every day.How are you defining growth? Is it an increase in clients? Is it new users or is it higher retention? Who’s responsible for this growth? The CEO? CTO? Marketing? Product? And why do only a small subset of companies experience […]