Using Qualitative and Quantitative Research To Understand Your Customer


Northpeak conducted qualitative + quantitative research based on customer data. Here’s the process:

Abrie James is a provider of the TruleSimple planners and stylish accessories for women.

Abrie James needed to create a durable brand identity and understand their product market fit. They engaged with Northpeak to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand their current customer’s profile and their digital journey. In addition to customer development and competitor analysis, Abrie James needed a blueprint for top of funnel content to spearhead their paid ads strategy.

Example Research Q: What are the top features customers look for when purchasing?

Using quantitative and qualitative data, we were able to identify proper product market fit.

Northpeak conducted qualitative research, led by Dr. Leo Hoar from The Ohio State University and Navi Kang, to understand the thoughts, values, and motivations of the target demographic. Using interview and survey data, Northpeak created customer personas and mapped out the customer’s journey; this gave Abrie James a better understanding of their acquisition strategy and a framework for their funnel from impression to conversion.

Customer Journey Map
Competitor Matrix

Northpeak also conducted quantitative research on customer purchase behavior. Then, a statistical analysis was conducted using survey feedback and customer data to discern key relationships between variables such as messaging and pricing, and how they pertain to purchase behavior. These insights helped guide social media and paid ads strategy and UX design.

Statistical Data for Purchase Behavior
Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative research is important when it comes to better understanding customer cohorts and what makes them tick. By combining both approaches, your company can mitigate critical risks while maximizing upside.